Personal Injury

Feldman & Wertz, LLP aggressively represents clients that have been injured - from the minor injury to a catastrophic loss. If you have been injured and you feel that it is due to the negligence, recklessness, fault or intentional conduct of someone else, you are well-advised to seek legal representation to assess your case. Through experience, our firm is able to evaluate injuries and pursue a claim when appropriate. The firm has a  lengthy track record of achieving positive compensation for personal injury claims.


We focus on ensuring that our client’s injuries are compensated for adequately and in a timely manner. We keep our clients informed of the status of their case on a regular basis and we have a proven track record of putting tremendous pressure on defendants or their insurance companies, achieving results in a timely manner.

Motor Vehicle Cases


Premises & Product Liability


Slip & Fall


Intentional Torts


Wrongful Death


Ski-Related Accidents


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